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Welcome to 4-70

4-70 is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of business endowment, we have a team of design professionals, fashion trends and image consultants who seek to provide a customized product design and materials that renew your image without losing his identity, in addition to this, the manufacture of this product is in the hands of expert women heads of family, who with their vast knowledge and commitment allow to deliver high quality manufactures, all this in order to always offer a differentiating product for your company.


What makes us different…

In the industry, where the service is the differential, and the face of the employee is the visible face of the company, the uniforms play a determining role, where the style of the wardrobe summarizes the business concept and the identity of the brand. That is why this identity is built based on different factors:


It is crucial for us that our clients understand how valuable and fundamental is the image of their employees, therefore, we have a team of professionals in the design which allows us to have the option to customize textiles and offer differentiating products, In addition to this we have a specialized and constant accompaniment at no cost in the process of textile design and selection of their uniforms always looking to highlight their image


We know the properties and compositions of our textiles, for this reason we advise you and provide you with various tools to choose the best textile that suits the demands of each job in such a way that we can give comfort and durability to the garment during all its Lifecycle


The different operations that are carried out in the manufacturing process represent a wear for the garments we make, for this reason we use technology that allows us to have more agile and efficient processes and in addition we work with national and imported textiles that allow us to ensure Quality products and ensure their durability.


Our numbers

Our day to day work yields its fruit, making love for what we do become realized dreams, we believe in the commitment and creativity of our team, for this reason we are proud of the following numbers:

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Who are behind?

Our Team

Our mission! that the union of our knowledge, experiences and work allows us to provide you with an original, versatile and excellent quality product, thereby providing different ways to renew your corporate image and looking for satisfying and creative work experience.